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Just a short, sweet update for you this evening. Banded Arrow finally got a much-needed facelift! This site should be easier to navigate and includes an updated section on wedding invitations!

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Kraft Paper Floral Wedding Suite for Nick and Alaina

After several months of projects and what can best be described as "life events," I'm back to the blog! And what better way to come back than show all of you the biggest project Banded Arrow completed!

You might remember Nick and Alaina from the save-the-date set I created for them last October. They asked me to work on their wedding invitation suite as well! Alaina loved the save-the-dates and basically gave me free reign when it came to designing the invitations in the same style. I started out with the same paper (Cream and Kraft card stock from French Paper Co.) and ink colors and the same floral details, as they complement so nicely!

With most of the design elements already in place, the biggest challenge was simply organizing the layout of the invites. We wanted something a little bit unique, but that still fit with the relaxed atmosphere Alaina wanted at her wedding.

So this is where we landed! Three pieces: the main invitation, a RSVP postcard, and a reception card, plus an envelope. The main invitation attached to a long piece of kraft paper. The ends of the paper folded together and were tied up with a sparkly cream ribbon, with the RSVP postcard and reception card held neatly inside. Then when the invitations were opened, the guests saw a pretty floral pattern which perfectly complements the other design elements of the invitation. Simple and elegant.

With all of the big decisions hammered out, I used a balance of fonts to add some excitement to the invitations once again and topped it all off with Nick and Alaina's hand-lettered names. then it was time to start printing!

Once printed, I also addressed the invitations with a pretty complementary font, and then sent them off. As always, designing custom invitations is my favorite job at Banded Arrow, and it was great to be able to work with Nick and Alaina again! For anyone interested in their own set of Banded Arrow wedding invitations, you can read up on the process and how to order, or you can just send me a message!

Thanks for stopping by!



A Whole Lotta Love For Everyone!

Alright, there's no doubt about it. Valentine's Day is coming. In February every year, couples buy each other cards and gifts and let each other know how much they are loved. It's all about the romance.

Or is it? Romance is cool and all, but February doesn't have to be about a romantic partner. Remember when you used to head to school on Valentine's Day, with shoebox full of candy and red and white notes for all your friends? In my experience, everyone got a Valentine, and everyone was included. Let's not forget that this February 14th!

So whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, Single's Awareness Day, or nothing at all, take some time out of your February to remind your friends and family (and probably your significant others too) just how much you love them all!

If you're planning on going the note-writing route, Banded Arrow has a brand new line of love-themed cards for you here, (just like we promised in the last blog post). There's a couple of sappy cards, a couple of cute cards, and several patterned cards, if you like to be your own wordsmith. (In fact, the heart-cross pattern card shown above is my personal favorite!)

And, in celebration of all the love, everywhere, the Banded Arrow shop is running a sale until Valentine's Day. With the code VALENTINE15, you can save 15% off of your entire order.

Keep writing and spread the love, friends!

- Alyssa