Contrary to the evidence, I don't actually spend all of my free waking hours picking colors, designing patterns, and printing cards (only, like, 90% of my free hours.) Sometimes, I spend my free time picking colors and designing other things, like flowers! Which is exactly what I did last month when we celebrated my grandmother's 80th birthday.

It all started at the Second Street Market in Dayton, OH. One of my favorite flower shops has a booth where they take their slightly less than fresh flowers (they aren't really "not fresh," they're just like, one day old). Either way, you can get whole bunches of flowers for just a few dollars, so we did!

A little trimming, some rearranging, a couple of cute vases, and this resulted:

The wildflowers went to Grandma, and the roses stayed with my mom. Grandma loved her flowers, and it was nice to mix it up in the creative realm for a little while. The green grass balls are my favorite part of her bouquet! Hopefully, I'll have time to put together another bunch of flowers before her 81st!

With that, I leave you with one more picture of roses, because flowers are pretty!