Here they are! Officially finished! I've been working on these save-the-dates on and off for almost a month now, and I finally got them trimmed, tied up, and in the mail yesterday!

While I'm still working for an employer outside of the studio, I often find it frustrating that I can't put all my time into designing and printing. All the hours of making sketches, choosing paper, mixing colors, finally printing, and then photographing the finished product have to be fit into someone else's schedule right now. Not being a patient person, it makes me a little crazy to work all night, and then have to wait 8 hours the next day before I can start work again. But, after all that, it is so satisfying to actually be able to produce a finished set.

So, the details:

Alaina wanted a simple, elegant notice. Originally, she thought about cream paper with brown lettering. But the wonderful thing about screenprinting is that you can print lighter inks on darker paper, and the contrast often has a beautiful effect! I hand-lettered Nick and Alaina's names to work as a typographic logo for the focal point of the invite. Alaina requested a simple decorative border, so I added a few floral accents. To finish the set, we added a similar pattern on the back for texture. The whole set is simple and understated.


So here it is! All done! In the mail! Now, on to the next project!