This is my favorite coffee cup in my favorite window on this quiet morning. (Alright, fine, it's not morning anymore, but it totally was when I started writing!)

This window always has such a pleasant view, no matter what time of day or what season it is. This morning, I spent quite awhile sitting on the steps into my sunroom studio just looking out the windows.

Pretty often, my life gets to the point where I feel like I've been holding my breath for a long time. There's always 100 things going on and 1,000 things to do, and I have a varying degree of interest in all of them. (Printing a new design = all of the fun! Grocery shopping = the most boring.) In fact, this morning I sat down at my desk with my coffee, to get a jump start on my week. It was cluttered and messy from the last couple of weeks.  (You'll note my dental floss on the desk, from when I had an idea while getting ready for bed the other night.)

I sat down though, and I just couldn't. After a week or two of running around non-stop like a crazy person, I always get to a point, where I have no choice but to sit down, and take some deep breaths.

There will always be work and chores and tasks to be done, but morning only lasts a couple hours.

Plus, with a face like that staring at you, sometimes your only choice is to stop and enjoy the quiet, calm moments, before you get caught up in all the chaos again.

So this morning, Sirius and I just took our time, and we didn't feel guilty about it (although in all fairness, Sirius rarely feels guilty about anything, especially when it comes to relaxing.)

If there is a point to all of this, here it is: Don't forget to enjoy the little moments, friends, and most of all, don't forget to breathe (both literally and figuratively).

Until next time :)

- Alyssa