It's been a few crazy weeks over here at Banded Arrow. Between finishing two new collections, sending out packages, finalizing a custom order, preparing features on other blogs, and so much traveling, there has hardly been time to keep you all updated!

But, this week, there was finally time to sit down, go through some photos, and get some thoughts in order. So here's the quick run-down:

1) Behold! The Banded Arrow Winter Collection 2014! Four holiday themed cards and four greeting cards, all black and gold, with a little mint accent thrown in. As with all of Banded Arrow's stationery, they are all screen printed with rich, bold ink and feature hand-lettered designs. All are currently available in the shop, and you can even get the whole holiday set of four right here. They are the perfect finishing touch for gift-giving this holiday season, and the perfect follow-up for all of the gifts you may receive!


2) You may remember, I made wedding invitations for Casie and Jeremy a couple of months ago. We followed up and made her a set of thank you cards as well, using the same theme from her wedding. Paper thank yous are such a personal touch for all wedding guests, and Banded Arrow is so glad to be a part of this whole process!

3) Banded Arrow did an interview/artist feature over on Gallery No. Eight! Nothing too fancy, but we got to talk more in-depth about the inspiration behind Banded Arrow, as well as closer look at our new collection!

4) AAAANNNNDDDD most exciting, WE'RE HAVING A HOLIDAY SALE!!!!! The whole shop will be 30% off your entire purchase between Thursday, November 27th at 6pm CST to Saturday November 29th at midnight! Just over 48 hours! We'll update the blog at 6pm sharp on Thursday with the coupon code, but some other great ways to keep in contact more regularly are through Banded Arrow's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All three are kept updated regularly with new projects, sales, and inspiration!

See you all Thursday! Happy Thanksgiving!!