It's been a very busy Christmas season over here at Banded Arrow, which means these list/update posts are starting to be a thing. So, on to number one.


1) Everybody loves things with initials on them. (This statement is based on purely non-scientific research, otherwise known as "my opinions.") So, what better present to get all the best people in your life than some personalized stationery from Banded Arrow? But, if you're planning on getting some as a Christmas present, you only have until the end of the day on December 17th. After that, I won't be able to finish any more incoming orders until after the new year.



2) Look at all those outgoing orders! Look at all the Christmas cards! Look at how diligently I'm tying string! Look at how messy my house is! (Oh wait, those last two are really not relevant to this post at all.) But, there is a point to be made: I am almost out of Christmas cards. In fact, I'm totally sold out of this little beaut: A Very Merry Christmas.


I'm going to be honest, I had no idea at all of what to expect going into this Christmas season, but nonetheless, the result was amazing. I am consistently blown away by the positive reaction to our line of cards this year. Who knew so many people would love screen-printed, hand-lettered cards? So, because I want to keep this positivity going, and because I want to get pretty, pretty Christmas cards into the hands of paper lovers everywhere, I'll be printing a few more runs. Once again, there's a catch though. I need your orders by December 17th. (Noticing a theme here?)



3) Because I want to be able to get you all of your Christmas goodies this year, I'm offering a 15% discount off the whole store with code HOLIDAY15. This discount will only be good through the evening of December 17th.

After the 17th, store operations will be limited. I'll only be selling items I've already printed and currently have on hand. (Store inventory levels will reflect this, so rest assured, you'll still get any items you order. Your choices will be somewhat limited though.) No orders whatsoever will be shipped between December 23rd and December 28th. (Sorry guys, it's family time.) Normal store operations will resume with the new year, on January 2nd.

So, long story short, if you need pretty paper things from Banded Arrow, go get them now!! (And don't forget about your coupon code!)

Keep writing, paper lovers!

- Alyssa