Casie and Jeremy contacted me about six weeks ago regarding wedding invitations. They were looking for a casual, almost rustic feel. They didn't have a ton of requests, but thought an "Ohio-Kentucky" theme might work for them.

Hearing that, a map of the Ohio-Kentucky region seemed like a perfect fit for the back of the main invite, with little hearts indicating their home towns. From there, my goal was just to keep it simple, using a limited color scheme to highlight the information and the Ohio-Kentucky logo I had designed for them. I hand-lettered their names and chose casual, mismatched fonts to round out their content. Casie chose such beautiful shades of coral and mint for their wedding, and I just let those bright colors do most of the talking!

Their invitations included: one 5"x7" main invite and envelope, one 4"x5" response post card, one 3"x4" reception invite, one 1" round C&J tag punch, and a length of gray and white twine to tie it all up!

Following the theme of simplicity and fun, they wanted to do a mad-lib for their response postcard. Altogether, we created a truly unique and modern set of invitations for their wedding. As my first clients, I truly appreciate all the patience and grace Casie and Jeremy had for me through this process. I learned so much, and I really feel like we came out with an amazing product.

Thanks, Casie and Jeremy! I hope your guests love their invitations too!