We've lived in Southern Illinois for two years now, and while I miss my family and friends who live elsewhere, I can say with certainty that this is the most  beautiful place I've lived so far. Just a few miles from our home is Giant City State Park, where Sam, Sirius, and I hike. And after days staring at computer screens, paper, and ink, a hike along the cliffs is usually just what I need. Walking on the rugged paths is the perfect way to clear the mind and reset for the next day.

But, the walks aren't just about relaxation and exercise. I've also been doing some research! I'm working on a new set of save-the-dates with greenery and floral accents, and I needed to check out some tiny plants to get a few ideas!

Our hike did not disappoint. There are so many cool plants in bloom right now! I've got a couple of patterns in development from our walk, including the one shown below.

So, in review, when you need a break, just go take a walk. You never know what you'll come back with, ideas or otherwise. Until next time!