This last week has been a very productive one. I finished several sketches and made most of my screens. Now it's just a matter of deciding color choices and printing, so expect to see a lot of new items up in the next week!

One of my newest projects is this set of Arrow Print cards!

This particular set is a pink, yellow, and gray arrow pattern printed on speckled cream card stock with a yellow envelope. I'm all about the muted, warm colors for fall!

I love the arrow pattern so much though, one set of colors isn't enough! I plan to have three variations of this print by the time I'm through, but I'm still deciding on color combinations for the last two sets. (Send any suggestions my way!) I love the mint green paper below, but I'm not sure my ink choices stand out quite enough.


I'm off to experiment more! Check back next week to see the final color choices!

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